FlyHouse Appoints Jack Lambert as CEO

Private jet management and charter company FlyHouse has appointed aviation industry veteran  Jack E. Lambert, Jr. as its CEO.

Lambert, who has worked in private aviation for more than two decades founded Jet Access Aviation in West Palm Beach, Florida. Jet Access grew to become the 10th largest Part 135 air carrier in North America and merged with the Aero Management Group at the end of 2019.

Separately, Lambert has acquired, sold and managed over 100 airplanes during his career.

Lambert said, “The founders of FlyHouse are jet owners who’ve recognized the inefficiencies and lack of transparency in the traditional business models of private jet management and charter enterprises.

“As a solution, they formed FlyHouse, with a clearly-defined mission – to turn the aviation business on its head by redefining the owner and ownership experience and introducing transparency into the space, together with ground-breaking application-based technology.

“It’s my absolute honor to be the steward of all of that and to lead an exceptionally talented team along the way. There’s something very special at FlyHouse and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of it.”

Sanford Michelman, chairman of FlyHouse said, “The founding principles of FlyHouse are safety, service and transparency. Over the decades, Jack has demonstrated his firm commitment to these three standards time and time again, which is why we’re so fortunate to have him as CEO.

“With Jack at the yoke, FlyHouse will provide jet owners and charterers the frictionless environment they deserve—an environment that, until now, has been sorely missing. I’m thrilled to have him leading the team and facilitating our strategic vision.”

Private jet management and charter company FlyHouse is focused on aircraft owners and the ownership experience.

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