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Director of Maintenance

Job Description:

The Director of Maintenance (DOM) has overall authority and responsibility for maintenance, including  developing department policies and procedures, preparing annual operating budgets for expenses, facilities, supplies, personnel, training, and capital expenses, and advising the executive team on the status and requirements for aircraft and other equipment consistent with the company needs. The DOM maintains the highest level of safety, service, and standards for the aircraft division.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Provides managerial authority and is the accountable manager for all processes of the Maintenance Departments, including Maintenance Control, Parts Department, Line Station Maintenance, Technical Support, Technical Publications, Maintenance Training and Maintenance Records
  • Promotes safety throughout the organization as mandated through Company policies identified by executive management
  • Provides overall authority for all aircraft technical standards and acceptable deviations from Company maintenance policies and procedures that are not detrimental to airworthiness
  • Monitors maintenance performance against Company policies, procedures, and standards; provides recommendations to improve safety of operations and productivity of the entire operation
  • Prepares the annual budgetary requirements for all maintenance departments
  • Provides overall authority and oversight of the CASS program in the implementation of appropriate corrective actions agreed upon by the CRB
  • Works in direct liaison with the DO in scheduling maintenance of Company’s aircraft, coordinating changes of maintenance schedules with all concerned, and all modifications changes required by flight operations
  • Acts as the primary FAA contact for matters regarding the Maintenance Department as described in this position description
  • Responsible for the maintenance of aircraft, engines, and components in the manner prescribed by the AAIP, manufacturers’ maintenance and overhaul manuals, service bulletins, ADs, Engineering Orders, and applicable CFRs
  • Provides written requests to the FAA for addition or deletion of aircraft to the Ops Specs and SAS
  • Responsible to review and approve contracts related to maintenance assets and outsourced vendors

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Working knowledge and ability to confirm proper compliance of all internal company forms, logbook entry procedure, maintenance response forms, and FAA Forms as required
  • Full understanding of aviation safety standards and safe operating practices
  • Takes responsibility for individual and team actions, decisions, and results
  • Ability to work under minimal supervision and to exercise independent judgment, discretions, and initiative
  • Proven ability to set priorities, communicate objectives and meet deadlines
  • Strong verbal written and presentation skills
  • Ability to motivate others around safety initiatives

Training and Work Requirements:

  • Must hold a current A&P license
  • Have at least 10 years of maintenance experience
  • Have at least 5 years of experience in a supervisory capacity maintaining the same category and class of aircraft as the certificate holder uses

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Chief Pilot

Job Description: 

The Chief Pilot divides their focus between external and internal aviation activities. The position has both tactical and strategic elements; seeking solutions to short-term operational issues and planning long-term solutions to encompass the corporate strategic vision.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Ensure the execution of plans and policies for company-related compliance issues
  • Act as a direct liaison to the FAA for matters pertaining to the operating certificate with respect to pilot training or as designated by the Director of Operations
  • Communicates effectively with the Director of Operations, COO, and President as appropriate regarding relevant flight operational and pilot training activities
  • Maintains flight manuals, checklists, and crew equipment required for the aircraft
  • Ensures adequate flight crew training, testing, recording, and archiving of training records
  • Responsible for operational control to initiate, terminate, or divert all company flight operations
  • Responsible for cancelling or suspending any flight operation in the interest of safety until it can be confirmed that the safety hazard has been removed or is no longer a threat to safe operations
  • Maintains a proactive focus on pilot staffing needs and recommends staffing level adjustments to maintain optimal operational efficiency and regulatory compliance
  • Fulfills line pilot scheduling vacancies as directed by the Director of Operations or his designee as the need arises

Job Requirements:

  • Satisfies the Management Personnel requirements of 14 CFR 119.7 for Chief Pilot
  • Must hold a valid Airline Transport Pilot Certificate with a type rating in at least one of the aircraft operated; Minimum 3,000 hours Total Time
  • Must have previous leadership experience from a Part 135 environment
  • Must be thoroughly familiar with the Company Manuals, Operations Specifications and FAA Regulations
  • Experience with FAA related Data Collection Tools (DCTs)
  • Experience with ARGUS and audit compliance
  • Understand and be able to implement safety management
  • Displays strong team building skills in planning, organizing, staffing, and controlling members of the flight operations team
  • Excellent communication skills with quick and accurate decision making
  • Close attention to detail
  • Strong interpersonal skills and able to work effectively with other managers
  • Craft, cultivate, and implement gaps in processes and procedures
  • Ability to work varying hours of the day or night, on weekends and holidays

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Director of Safety

Position Summary:

The Director of Safety manages the Company’s Safety Management System, including the identification of trends, hazard mitigation procedures, and oversight of safety programs. Provide Accountable Executive with initiatives to minimize the risks within the Company for all aspects of flight safety.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Serve as the leader and motivating voice for spreading the Company’s safety culture, programs and protocols on a regular basis to all team members via regular emails, calls, meetings, webinars, Safety Summit, etc.
  • Management and oversight of the Safety Management System
  • Management and oversight of aviation safety programs
  • Perform data analysis and trending of flight hazards 
  • Work with Flight, Maintenance and Flight Coordination staff to recommend safety improvements for all flight operations
  • Manage and coordinate risk management and reduction strategies within the organization on a regular and ongoing basis
  • Manage and coordinate the investigation of Company incident, accident and irregular operations
  • Attend and represent the Company at industry and safety related functions
  • Serve on the Company’s Safety Committee
  • Provide consultation, guidance and technical assistance on matters related to workplace safety and security
  • Develop, implement, and update all safety programs
  • Assist each department in establishing standards and developing controls or work processes specific to departmental operations to minimize risks and eliminate hazards
  • Maintain a company Risk Assessment matrix to establish safe levels of risk
  • Ensure safety publications are consistent with governmental regulations and directives
  • Develop and manage safety and risk related training
  • Manage the Company’s Emergency Response Program and training
  • Manage hazardous material training and required reports

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Working knowledge and understanding of aviation safety programs
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite
  • Ability to handle and maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information
  • Ability to work under minimal supervision and to exercise independent judgment, discretions and initiative
  • Strong verbal written communication skills
  • Great public speaking and presentation skills
  • Ability to motivate others around safety initiatives

Education and Work Experience:

  • Five or more years of aviation safety management experience
  • Bachelor’s degree (BA or BS) or equivalent in Aviation Safety Management or similar program or an equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Training in the following areas: flight safety philosophy, human factors and the decision-making process, accident prevention, the role of the safety officer as advisor to senior management, risk management, accident/incident management, safety management systems, emergency response planning, and incident investigation

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Aircraft Sales Director


The Sales Director (SD) will be responsible for prospecting and obtaining aircraft brokerage listings and acquisition agreements. Additionally, the SD will market and sell the aircraft inventory and current listings available and be supported by all available corporate resources. Management will outline and support the sales and marketing plan, however, the SD will ultimately be responsible for execution of the plan and successfully reaching the budgeted goals.

Essential Functions and Key Responsibilities:

  • Successfully secure brokerage and acquisition agreements
  • Sell all available company-owned inventory and client listings
  • Identify potential aircraft inventory opportunities
  • Set personal goals and regularly review progress and have in place at all times a working sales plan for the department
  • Travel as needed to network with customers, prospects, FBO’s, professional organizations, etc., and entertain customers with the goal of solidifying relationships
  • Coordinate sales efforts with other departments
  • Assist customers when necessary in solving service problems
  • Communicate with the President regularly to approve aircraft pricing and deals
  • Travel is required to meet the needs of our clients

Job Requirements

  • Four year college degree or equivalent experience
  • Ability to read, analyze and interpret professional journals, technical procedures, or governmental regulations
  • Ability to generate reports, business correspondence, and procedure manuals
  • Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from groups of managers, customers and the general public
  • Ability to operate and consistently update the designated customer resource management (CRM) system
  • A proven successful track record in aircraft sales
  • Sales training experience, excellent organizational and verbal/written communication skills

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Avionics Manager

Job Description:

The Avionics Manager will both manage and perform avionics line repair, upgrades, and installation to include RVSM, ADSB, Radio, and ELT installation and testing.


  • Evaluate manpower, tooling, equipment and parts for an efficient workflow
  • Work with the management team to set a schedule for all work coming into the shop
  • Work with the Parts Supervisor to ensure the inventory is maintained at a level to ensure good workflow
  • Review all work orders in process on a daily basis for any issues that may come up
  • Review all work orders for billing after the Chief Inspector has completed final review
  • Complete final work package and invoice for presenting to customer
  • Work closely with the administrative team to ensure all billing is done in a timely manner
  • Communicate with customers on a regular basis to keep them informed of the status of their aircraft
  • Maintain a positive work culture with all employees; including subordinates, peers, and management
  • Focus on customer service in all actions and be cognizant of the excellent established reputation the company has built
  • Work closely with the Chief Inspector to maintain the highest level of quality and safety

Job Requirements:

  • Demonstrated experience designing, implementing, integrating, and trouble-shooting avionics equipment from major manufacturers including Garmin, Bendix King, Avidyne, L3, and Aspen
  • Auto-Pilot integration experience including Bendix King and Rockwell Collins
  • Thorough understanding of software and data as it relates to avionics technologies
  • Greater than 5 years of experience performing avionics installation and upgrades on small to medium size aircraft
  • FAA A&P Mechanics license necessary; IA and/or FCC licenses desirable
  • Must be able to pass a DOT-FAA pre-employment drug screening physical
  • Hold and maintain a valid driver’s license

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Director of Engineering

Job Description 

The director of engineering will be responsible for directing a team of engineers to engage in new projects and new technology development. This position reports to the Executive Vice-President.

Job Responsibilities 

  • Provide technical leadership of the engineering, drafting and design function, including CAD via SolidWorks
  • Provide technical instruction, assign work and review work of direct reports for new product development programs, sustaining programs, and technology development programs
  • Responsible for overseeing the creation of engineering designs for certification
  • Spearhead FAA certification efforts for both new and legacy products
  • Produce conceptual models and technical illustrations for proposals
  • Implement design changes to existing product lines to optimize performance, manufacturability, and cost
  • Coordinate with the Purchasing team to insure long-term bill of material and LRU component availability and price stability
  • Work with Air Comm leadership to identify opportunities to expand product applications, as well as recommend and implement new technology
  • Responsible for hiring and growing the engineering team
  • Responsible for setting conditions for programs to execute efficiently

Job Requirements

  • This position requires the ability to easily adapt to changing and evolving priorities
  • Strong background in FAA certification processes at the Type Certificate and Supplemental Type Certificate level
  • At least 15 years engineering experience; aviation related products preferred
  • At least 10 years experience in a manufacturing environment, preferably aviation related
  • At least 5 years management experience, including budget management, business case development, and management of cross-functional teams.
  • Experience with general, commercial, and military aviation.
  • Engineering Degree (Mechanical, Electrical, Aerospace preferred)

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Chief Aircraft Inspector

Job Description

The Chief Inspector will be responsible for supervising inspectors, generating and updating RS manuals, QC manuals, forms manual and training manuals.

Essential Duties

  • Perform inspection functions of the repair station as outlined, in accordance with the Repair Station
  • Ensure familiarity of all applicable Federal Aviation Regulations, manufacturer’s procedures/recommendations, and other pertinent data as it relates to the item of work being performed
  • Accepting incoming products procured for use by the Repair Station and will ensure that those products are approved or acceptable
  • Perform preliminary inspections on all aircraft and/or components that undergo maintenance to determine the state of preservation, necessity for functional test or non-destructive testing, and to document any obvious defects
  • Assure that all inspections are properly performed on all completed work
  • Inspectors are responsible for the inspection entries on forms and in work orders used in the respective Departments
  • Make progressive and on-going inspections at various stages of Teardown, Overhaul, and Repair of all Units or Components received by the Repair Station for service
  • Responsible for checking completed Work Orders / Workbooks for work performed
  • Perform scheduled and systematic evaluation audits for the Repair Station to ascertain its own abilities and procedural compliance to establish policy and guidance
  • Provide training and technical assistance to others

Job Requirements

  • Helicopter experience
  • Minimum of 10 years in commercial aviation
  • Minimum of 5 years inspection experience
  • A&P License
  • IA preferred
  • Experience in an FAA Part 145 and/or 21 environment

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Director of Flight Operations

Job Description:

The principal role of the Director of Flight Operation is to ensure the overall safety and efficiency of the flight department. The Director of Flight Operations is responsible for the performance and supervision of personnel in flight operations and dispatch.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Formulates and implements departmental plans and policies
  • Ensures and verifies that Company flight operations are conducted in accordance with applicable FARs and Company regulations and policies
  • Maintains close liaison with the Director of Maintenance to ascertain current status of aircraft and forecasts down-time
  • Conducts interviews of Operations personnel, hiring and discharging as required and establishes personnel duty hours
  • Maintains and distributes the Company Operations Manual and appropriate revisions to required personnel, as applicable
  • Ensures prompt reporting, filing and follow-up action on required reports to appropriate governmental agencies
  • Ensures that the proper entry, over-flight, and/or landing authorizations, when required, are obtained on flights scheduled to depart the United States
  • Signs for the Company for the issuance and receipt of Operations Specifications
  • Through the Schedules and Flight Following Supervisor and designated personnel, the Director of Operations is responsible for the coordination, scheduling, flight planning, dispatch/flight release, monitoring, and cancellation of all flights and exercises operational control over flight release
  • Responsible for contract oversight
  • Support BD operations as required

Job Requirements: 

  • College Degree and minimum of 5 years aviation management experience
  • Hold an FAA Airline Transport Pilot Certificate
  • Meet FAA Director of Operations FAR 119 requirements
  • Ability to effectively communicate and deal with high-level corporate executives
  • In depth knowledge of Corporate Flight operations
  • In depth knowledge of applicable FAA regulations, International Civil Aviation Organization regulations and the Airman’s Information manual
  • History of successful and profitable aircraft operations
  • Thorough knowledge of operational and financial aspects of aircraft operations
  • Excellent interpersonal, analytical and communication skills; ability to get along with and work closely with customers and employees alike

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FBO Manager

Job Description:

The FBO Manager must be an experienced, customer service-oriented individual that will be directly responsible for the overall operation of the FBO and associated departments. Excellent communication and team-building skills are necessary as well as the ability to remain calm under pressure and have a high attention to detail.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assist the Director of Operations in aircraft sales, charter operation, and other pertinent duties
  • Oversee and manage direct reports including all line service, CSR, aircraft sales, fuel sales, and HR operations
  • Responsible for maintaining and growing fuel, hangar, and aircraft rental and management
  • Contract review and negotiation, including but not limited to hangar leases, city leases, fuel supply, equipment and vendor contracts
  • Implement and oversee human resources department and staff training
  • Ensures that the FBO meets all appropriate laws and regulations

Job Requirements:

  • 5 years or greater in a managerial role with an FBO or similar operation
  • Demonstrated experience in communication with federal and local entities including Airport Advisory Boards, FAA, city officials and contractors
  • Leadership experience in growth or change opportunities is desirable
  • Must have a high sensitivity to providing world-class customer service
  • Strong leadership, communication, organizational, and interpersonal skills
  • Strong consideration would be given to FAA licensed pilots or A&P mechanics

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