Industry Leading Aviation Recruiting Firm Sees Record Growth

Roanoke, TX: At the end of 2021 Aviation Search Group (NBAA Booth 3570) celebrated what had been the most successful year in the company’s 20+
years of operation. Fast forward to the end of Q3 2022 and Aviation Search Group has seen 75% growth over last year.

This may be the tightest hiring market the aviation industry has ever seen. However, Aviation Search Group has been able to continuously adapt to the changes in the
industry and find success with its Intelligent Recruiting Process (IQR).

In a recent article published by the AvWeb Editorial Staff and Aviation Search Group, Managing Director Jay Gallagher stated that he is “confident Aviation Search Group can
undertake the matchmaking required to satisfy both clients and aviation professionals. “Aviation Search Group has been doing this for 20+ years,” he says. “We’ve got the
experience and network to get results.”

Gary Miner, Executive Director with Aviation Search Group, added “In addition to our process, our real value is in our people. We have an excellent team here that really
cares about delivering a quality product. This is evident in our results.”

Aviation Search Group offers a variety of services to include executive recruiting and volume hiring programs depending upon position type, number of candidates being
hired, location, and more. Companies are provided with dedicated recruiters to manage and assist in the hiring needs, ensuring a consistent flow of qualified candidates through
the company’s hiring process.

For more information on Aviation Search Group’s Executive Search or Volume Hiring Programs, visit or please call 724-547-7015.


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