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Our business has been built from industry referrals. The aviation industry is close-knit, and failure has not been an option for us. Our goal is to exceed our client’s expectations in hopes of gaining their long-term business and recommendations. We have an entire wall of framed letters of recommendation from our clients that we walk past every morning. This continues to motivate and remind us that we are supporting our clients and helping them succeed by finding the best people.

We are very proud of our service, our employees and our culture. This breeds constant success at the client level. Upon request, and in respect for our existing clients, Aviation Search Group will set up conference calls or share letters of recommendation.

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Vice President of Operations MRO search assignment

[FROM EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT/ CEO] “We are a rapidly growing FANEASA/CMC/JCAB approved repair station involved in the overhaul and repair of commercial, military and industrial engine components and accessories.  Founded in 1980, we have rapidly grown over the past decade to become an industry leader in providing MRO services throughout the world.


Recently we had the pleasure to retain Aviation Search Group to identify a Vice President of Operations. This position continues to be critical role for our sustained growth, client satisfaction and operational success.


They took the time to understand the technical, managerial and cultural aspects of our organization. Having this information, they successfully identified the key professional for our organization. During the entire process they communicated effectively with both myself and our future hire to ensure the evaluation and hiring stages proceeded smoothly and to a successful conclusion.


I found Aviation Search Group professional, highly supportive and with a great concern for the success of our organization.
Without hesitation, I would recommend Aviation Search Group for your hiring needs.”


Client Review for an Executive Sales search assignment

[FROM CEO] “Our Company is a worldwide provider of best-in-class corporate and private aviation support services, including flight crew staffing, aircraft sales and management. Since 1994, Our Company has supported a global client base that includes heads of state, VIPs and Fortune 500 corporations. We recently retained Aviation Search Group for a key executive sales position within our organization, and it is with pleasure that I recommend their services.


Working with Aviation Search Group’s team felt like being in a partnership. Communication, attention to detail and customer service were excellent. They took the time to understand our needs and culture, as well as the position and required qualifications, experience and competencies at the onset, and customized their approach to find the best solution for our search. Aviation Search Group’s unique recruiting process was very thorough and produced outstanding results. The top candidates recommended to us had a very strong alignment with the job opportunity and the company’s culture and core values, and we found our ideal candidate amongst them.


Aviation Search Group came through for us and I would highly recommend their recruiting services to anyone looking for a serious, collaborative, resourceful recruitment partner.”



Client Review for an Executive Sales search assignment

[FROM OWNER] “Our Company is pleased to recommend Aviation Search Group. We have always had success retaining their services for unique and confidential search assignments requiring very specific Qualifications. They have accurately identified the right candidates for our organization.


Our Company values its partnership with Aviation Search Group because their success goes beyond finding qualified candidates. They find candidates that make sense for our organization. Their staff is knowledgeable, professional and delivers results. They spend time up front understanding the criteria needed to be successful and thoroughly investigate the industry to make the best recommendations possible.”



Client Review for a Director of Quality search assignment

[FROM VP / GENERAL MANAGER] “Our company retained Aviation Search Group to find the right aviation professional to fill the role of Director of Quality for our organization. From the launch of the effort, we recognized that our ideal candidate would be a very unique professional, equipped with a very diverse skill set, well tested and proven through numerous successes in their aviation career, and appropriately suited for a leadership position in a business of our size and type (aviation component MRO).


In our initial conversations, Aviation Search Group assured me that their solution could be the “Easy Button” for our company in filling this highly specialized position. As we worked through the process the reality of that initial assurance became increasingly real and evident.


The range, depth and quality of the search was far beyond any effort we could have launched independently. Ultimately, we were presented with a list of very impressive candidates, which we worked through with the candidates and the ASG team in order to distill it down to a short list of one or two final candidates. As we worked to make our decisions relevant to final selection from a list of multiple ideal candidates, the ASG team was constantly at our side, and ultimately, we made an offer to our top candidate, and welcomed him to our team shortly thereafter.


A comprehensive list of the high value services provided by the Aviation Search Group Team would be difficult to assemble due to all of the work they performed behind the scenes, which truly enabled the velocity and success of filling this key position in our organization with the right professional.


I have a high level of respect and gratitude for the Aviation Search Group Team who worked diligently to orchestrate this huge win for the future of our company.”



Client Review for Director and Management search assignment

[FROM CEO] “Our Company is the leading provider of environmental control systems, thermal and air management solutions for the General Aviation market. Additionally, we provide environmental control systems on a wide array of military turbo-prop, jet, and rotor-wing aircraft for the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, and various foreign militaries.


We are a rapid growth company. Critical to this success is a dedicated leadership team that can successfully manage and direct a diverse array of internal disciplines, including Engineering, Production, Quality Assurance, Customer Support, and Procurement.


Aviation Search Group has played a key role in helping us identify and select successful leadership candidates, at both the management and director level. These individuals have played and continue to play vital roles within our organization to successfully manage our growth.


As we continue to expand our business, we will definitely use Aviation Search Group to help fill critical positions within the organization. They provide professional, high quality support for our needs. They execute searches with a sense of urgency and a thorough understanding of our business needs, and I highly recommend them.”



Client Review for Director Level search assigment

[FROM CEO] “Our Company provides fixed wing air ambulance transportation for individuals, families, insurance companies and providers of medical care throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean Islands and Central America.


It is my pleasure to formally recommend Aviation Search Group’s (ASG’s) recruiting services. We retained ASG to identify and recommend candidates for a Director level position within our firm. Because of the sensitive nature of the search, we asked them to keep all activities confidential.


ASG did an exceptional job of understanding what we needed for the open position and the type of person that would fit our company culture. They provided regular feedback and we were able to speak directly to the recruiter on our search. After a thorough exploration of the marketplace, we were pleased to hire from their recommendations. The person we hired is a great match for our company and culture.


We will continue to outsource our recruiting to Aviation Search Group. I would highly recommend Aviation Search Group for their recruiting and industry expertise.


Client Review for Director Level search assignment

[FROM CEO] “Our Company utilized Aviation Search Group’s retained recruiting services to provide us with fully vetted candidates at a Director level. They took the time to understand the specific intricacies of the role, sharing information and updates on a regular basis. They did an excellent job in identifying high quality professionals with the experience we were looking for. They also successfully identified key attributes that went beyond a candidate’s qualifications. These candidates fit into our company culture which is crucial for the role. Aviation Search Group’s process was clearly designed with the convenience of the customer in mind.


After a thorough exploration of the marketplace, we were pleased to hire from their recommendations. The person we hired is a great match for our organization. I highly recommend retaining Aviation Search Group when hiring for roles in your organization.”


Client Review for Aviation Maintenance Instructor search assignment

[FROM OWNER] “Our School, with 13 campuses nationwide, trains more FAA licensed A & P Mechanics than anyone in the world. We have partnered with Aviation Search Group to fill multiple positions at several of our locations. I have found the Aviation Search Group Team to be very detailed in their evaluation of candidates as well as very professional and easy to work with throughout the process. I heartily recommend them to anyone with recruiting needs in the aviation industry.”


Client Review for an Aviation Director of Maintenance search assignment

[FROM CO-FOUNDER] “I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Aviation Search Group.


We contacted ASG to conduct a search for a Director of Maintenance after struggling to find the right person for the role. In addition to finding someone with the right qualifications, our challenge had been identifying a strong leader that would fit well in our team and client-centric culture.


ASG was knowledgeable of the aviation industry, evident from the start of the search. They took the time necessary to understand our company and culture to make sure that the candidates they recommended were a solid match for us. ASG ultimately recommended someone who was an ideal fit for the role.


Our first experience with ASG was successful and will strongly consider using them again for our critical hires.”


Client Review for a MRO Maintenance Manager search assignment

[FROM COO] “We are a MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) company providing aircraft line maintenance & ancillary technical services to a variety of domestic and international air carriers flying transport category aircraft. We have 28 U.S. locations providing service to more than 30 domestic and international air carriers.


As part of our growth, we reached a point where we needed help finding the right talent to match our needs. Seeking a new, experienced maintenance manager for a new and very important location, we retained Aviation Search Group to lead the recruitment effort. It was the best decision we could have made, as it allowed us to concentrate on what we do best while the team at ASG went to work on finding us qualified candidates. They even went as far as making the drive to our new location so as to spend time with me to better understand exactly what we were looking for in a candidate. From there, the team went to work on identifying an exhaustive list of candidates and narrowing that group down to the three most qualified. ASG presented us a dossier on each of the three final candidates, as well a verbal breakdown of each of the candidate’s particular attributes and how they might fit our needs. From there, ASG coordinated the interviews and we were able to make a decision and move forward with hiring our new manager.


I would highly recommend Aviation Search Group to any company in need of help in recruiting talent for their company. For us, retaining ASG was a great decision and one will likely make again.”


Client Review for an Aviation Director Level Position search assignment

[FROM PRESIDENT] “In August 2018, my assistant manager resigned to take another position. He was provided an opportunity of a lifetime to take a job with the DOD, which I absolutely supported. This decision was difficult as we both had known each other for years and he was a truly dedicated employee and a personal friend.


Over the next two months, I attempted to find and hire a replacement with no success. Reaching out to several contacts in the industry ended up a fruitless effort. I finally contacted some of my fellow executives in the industry and asked how they were able to replace key top-end employees. They recommended I contact The Aviation Search Group. They had utilized their services in the past and spoke highly of them.


From my first contact with Gary Miner at Aviation Search Group, I felt very confident they could help me. He was extremely helpful in explaining the process and what they could do to assist me. After our first few phone calls, I decided to hire Gary and his team to help me. From the very beginning, they walked me through the entire process. His team helped to develop a job description and list of responsibilities. They communicated with me regularly and kept me informed on the process. They finally presented me with three highly skilled and experienced candidates they had already vetted to suit my requirements, as well as someone that would fit into my organization and our culture. They worked with me to formulate an effective phone interview process to evaluate each candidate. This ended up being extremely useful in assisting to make a decision. I did hire one of the candidates that turned out to be exactly what I needed to fill the vacancy in my company.


I firmly believe Gary Miner and his team performed exceptionally well with the highest level of professionalism to fulfill my hiring needs. I highly recommend them to anyone needing assistance in finding and hiring employees at any level.”


Client Review for several Aviation Maintenance and Avionics Technician search assignments

[FROM DIRECTOR OF HUMAN RESOURSES] “I am very happy to recommend Aviation Search Group for your staffing needs. Most recently, they have filled some very highly skilled positions for us with great success. They were able to fill these tough positions where we had little to no success. Their staff is dedicated to filling the positions, and very organized in their up-front planning in order to fully understand the type of individuals we were looking for.


I would highly recommend Aviation Search Group for your recruiting needs. They are a true pleasure to work with.”


Client Review for a Vice President of Business Development search assignment

[FROM THE PRESIDENT] “As President of our company, I have had the pleasure of partnering with Aviation Search Group to fill a Vice President of Business Development opening. I found the Aviation Search Group team to be extremely thorough in their processes and communication. After our initial profile meeting, they delivered several candidates of high caliber for the experience INAir desired.


I also had a unique experience with Aviation Search Group, having been recruited by them for my current role as President. I found their team to be friendly, engaging and professional. Working with them as both a candidate and a client, I can highly recommend their retained recruiting services without hesitation. Having a recruiter dedicated to my specific search has produced the results I desired. I have used retained recruiting agencies in the past and am confident that I will continue to use Aviation Search Group the future for my recruiting needs.”


Client Review for a various Aviation Professional Management search assignments

[FROM THE PRESIDENT] “Our company retained the services of Gary Miner with Aviation Search Group (ASG) due to our company having a difficult time finding the right candidates for our skilled aviation professional positions.


Initial account set up and discussions with ASG were very easy, and their professionalism helped build confidence in their ability to find us good applicants. Within a few weeks of kicking off our relationship, ASG was able to identify several great candidates, and we were able to fill our immediately needed position. ASG made the entire process very easy – they found the candidates, did an initial interview for us, and were able to provide us with streamlined information to make an informed decision about whether to invite the candidate for an in-person interview. This really took the hassle out the employment process.


A couple of months after our first hire utilizing ASG’s services, without even asking them to search for us, Gary Miner sent us a couple of other very highly qualified candidates that were too good to pass up on. So, we hired two of them. We are committed to continuing to use ASG for all our future aviation professional hiring needs.”



Client Review for a multiple Aviation Maintenance and Technical search assignments

[FROM DIRECTOR OF HUMAN RESOURCES] “I am very pleased to recommend Aviation Search Group for their superior service. Most recently, we were presented with the task of filling over 50 positions of all different levels and with the assistance of ASG, we were able to complete this task in a very short period of time.


The professional level of support and expert aviation industry knowledge offered by ASG recruiters allows us to fill our openings with highly qualified candidates. They provide great assistance to us, generating additional value for their services and maintaining a relationship of efficiency and trust.


I sincerely recommend Aviation Search Group for their exceptional service.”



Client Review for a Vice President search assignment

[FROM VICE PRESIDENT OF SALES] “Our company consists of three manufacturing facilities in North America that engineers and manufactures innovative products from technical and specialized textiles.


We occasionally use Aviation Search Group’s retained services for our recruiting needs because they take the time to understand the experience and cultural fit required to successfully fill positions in this industry. Aviation Search Group thoroughly explores the appropriate marketplaces and routinely consults with us to deliver solutions. Their industry expertise and recruiting processes deliver qualified candidates that make sense for our organization. Quite simply, we hire impactful people based on their recommendations.


I highly recommend retaining Aviation Search Group when hiring for key roles in your organization.”




Client Review for Corporate Aircraft Captain search assignment

[FROM VICE PRESIDENT OF OPERATIONS] “We recently engaged Aviation Search Group in a retained search to fill a position within our Corporate Flight Department. Their team developed an understanding of the very specific requirements we were seeking and recommended candidates meeting or exceeding the qualifications. They provided updates and feedback throughout the search process and remained accessible for open communication.


Through their efforts and dedication, we were able to add a key member to our team who not only met the technical qualifications but is a great cultural fit as well.


Without hesitation, I highly recommend Aviation Search Group as an expert partner for your outsourced staffing needs.”



Client Review for Engineering Project Manager search assignments

[Director Human Resources] “Our company is a leading international provider of solutions for aircraft landing systems, aircraft modifications and completions, MRO and services in the helicopter, business aviation and general aviation markets. We offer complete solutions from a broad range of in-house capabilities, with a long­ term strategy and life-cycle approach that makes us a trusted partner of many customers worldwide and a reliable performer for industry leaders.


We design, develop, manufacture and support landing gear systems for helicopters and business jet aircraft. Earlier this year, we partnered with Aviation Search Group for an important search mandate.


We were looking to fill the position of Engineering Project Coordinator. Given our location and expectations in terms of specific expertise and experience, we anticipated that this mandate would be quite a challenge for any recruiting firm. Aviation Search Group was able to quickly understand our need and to work diligently to identify qualified and motivated individuals.


We have been successful in attracting a candidate with experience in aerospace for the position and this result would not have been possible without their dedication and ongoing support. Given our recent experience, we would not hesitate to recommend Aviation Search Group to any organization looking for a recruiting firm with experience in the aerospace industry.”




Client Review for a Field Helicopter Maintenance Technician search assignment

[FROM REGIONAL MAINTENANCE MANAGER] “I am pleased to recommend Aviation Search Group if you are in need of a professional recruiting service. Med-Trans routinely turns to ASG’s expertise and our trust in them has consistently been met with satisfaction. Their strong knowledge of the aviation industry, combined with their recruiting capabilities, makes them our choice when we have a critical need that requires recruiting assistance.


I often rely on ASG for maintenance professionals; a difficult challenge with the shortage of qualified candidates in the industry. ASG’s commitment to finding the right people for us results in candidate recommendations which are long-term solutions. Med-Trans is committed to our clients, and we know we can count on ASG to deliver talent that aligns with our mission.”




Client Review for Helicopter Pilots and Senior Management search assignments

[FROM DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS] “Our company is proud to have partnered with Aviation Search Group (ASG) for numerous recruiting objectives. Our organization’s rapid growth in recent years has brought upon the need for new hires within many departments. From helicopter and fixed wing air-medical pilots, to senior management positions – ASG’s ability to connect Metro with the industry’s best talent has been outstanding.


To be successful, recruiting firms must clearly understand the needs of their clients. This understanding should go well beyond the requirements of the open position and extend into a deeper understanding of an organization’s culture and business philosophy. This is one of the many areas that ASG excels at.


Their methodical approach to recruiting is at all times, a collaborative process with their clients. For us, this process has been highly successful in placing the right people in the right positions and doing so in a very professional and efficient manner.


It’s with great pleasure that I highly recommend Aviation Search Group to any organization that is seeking our industry’s highest quality personnel.”



Client Review for Technical and Executive search assignments

“Our company has been utilizing Aviation Search Group’s retained recruiting services for over 5 years. We rely on their recruiting expertise and industry contacts/network for a variety of roles, from technical to executive. They have successfully filled roles such as hard-to fill technical positions.


We have found Aviation Search Group to be thorough and accurate in their screening process. They do an excellent job at identifying key attributes that go well beyond a candidate’s qualifications. They are able to identify and share potential challenges (relocation obstacles, other job opportunities, compensation expectations, etc.). They have also been successful in finding individuals that fit into our corporate culture and gel with our team.


The wrong hire can cost a company significant time, cost and/or lost revenue. It is important to have the right person in place and we are confident in Aviation Search Group’s ability to find and correctly identify the best candidates for us.”



Client Review for VFR, IFR Pilots, and Maintenance Technician search assignments

[FROM CHIEF ADMINISTRATION OFFICER] “Over the past year, Aviation Search Group (ASG) has worked with our company in filling a number of highly specialized positions. This includes rotary wing Air Medical VFR and IFR pilots, aviation maintenance technicians, and other aviation-related management and professional positions. Some of these more specialized positions were open as long as a year, having little success in finding a quality candidate. Once we engaged ASG for these positions, within a reasonable time frame ASG submitted quality candidates for each position. ASG’s success rate with us to date is 100%, and I do not expect that to change going forward.


We value our partnership with ASG for a number of reasons. First off, they are easy to work with and are very good at what they do. Additionally, their staff is willing to spend the time up-front to understand the position being recruited and the qualifications that are required. Moreover, ASG develops a clear understanding of the type of individual that would be a good fit both for the position and for our company.


I highly recommend ASG’s services for any company which needs to outsource its recruiting, or in the alternative that has a need to supplement their recruiting.”



Client Review for Helicopter Pilots, Maintenance Techs, and Management search assignments

[FROM AREA AVIATION MANAGER] “As an Aviation Area Manager for my company, overseeing Arizona and New Mexico, I have been working with Aviation Search Group since late 2018. I worked closely with Gary Miner and Jami Hajas.


Aviation Search Group, with their extensive network were able to find some qualified candidates interested in my positions. They did not stop sending me candidates. They did a total background check, including FAA checks and talked to three previous employers for all candidates. They put this information together, along with their personal interview of the candidates, and sent me an email narrative of their findings.


I had multiple candidates presented to me and have talked with many and passed on some. All the candidates to date have met or exceeded my expectations. I believe this is due to the extensive research and expertise that Aviation Search Group puts into every candidate.


We are a world-class leader in the Air Medical industry. Our mission is to maintain the highest level of safety while delivering measurable benefits to our customers, employees and investors in the communities we serve. Aviation Search Group has been able to find candidates that align with our mission, vision and values.”



Client Review for Management and Director Level search assignments

[FROM HR MANAGER] “It is with great pleasure that I recommend Aviation Search Group; we have partnered with them over the past few years and have had success in each of the positions needed to be filled. We are a Part 135 Fixed Wing Operator who requires candidates with industry-specific qualifications. Aviation Search Group has successfully identified candidates at management and director levels.


The staff at Aviation Search Group is professional and has a willingness to understand the qualifications needed and provide us the best-qualified candidates. They have assisted with successful candidates that have been an excellent fit for the position, as well as for our organization.


I highly recommend using Aviation Search Group to any organization that requires outsourcing their recruitment.”



Client Review for a Pilot in Command search assignment

[FROM VICE PRESIDENT] “I am writing to congratulate you and your company for the recent successful search in meeting our aviation needs. We were very impressed with the expertise and speed with which your group worked.


As a top-rated Phenom pilot and CAE Simuflite instructor, your candidate was the perfect choice for us. Our people feel very comfortable with him at the controls of our craft.


Thank you again, ASG, for matching this Pilot with our individualized requirements. We believe he will be a long-term asset here.”



Client Review for a Director of Military Programs and General Manager search assignments

[FROM PRESIDENT/CEO] “It is my pleasure to recommend Aviation Search Group for their recruiting services. I have relied on their expertise to find critical talent for me when I was the Director of Military Programs and General Manager with our company. As the Principle, I continue to utilize Aviation Search Group because of their commitment to finding talent that is perfectly matched for my company.


The team at Aviation Search Group takes the time up front to understand the requirements of the position needing filled. They are experts at developing a sourcing plan and evaluating the marketplace to find the best candidates for your organization.


With the assistance of Aviation Search Group, I have most recently hired a Director of Business Development and will continue to rely on their expertise for the foreseeable future. I highly recommend retaining their services for your critical recruiting needs.”



Client Review for Avionics, Engineering, Maintenance, and Management search assignments

[FROM EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT TO THE OWNER] “I have been fortunate enough to work with ASG’s recruiting services several times in the last few years. During this time, they worked for me on both retained recruiting programs and individual retained recruits pertaining to avionics, engineering, maintenance, and management personnel. Aviation Search Group is the best. Their recruiting process is proven, they are dedicated to their clients and they really know the aviation industry. I have found them to be an excellent resource for finding career-minded aviation people and would recommend them to any company.”



Client Review for Management Level and Aircraft Technician search assignments

[FROM DIRECTOR OF QUALITY] “I have been using the services of Aviation Search Group for a number of years, both at my current position, and at my previous employer on the West Coast.


Their unique talent of finding the right individual for even hard to fill positions has made them the only resource that I rely on when searching for specialized employees. Their accuracy in filtering through the large number of qualified applicants to find the right candidate to fill a position has been without fail. I have been through the tedious and frustrating process of qualifying technicians and managers for a specialized position prior to utilizing ASG and have found that the qualification and selection process that is used by them is far superior to any program that can be developed in-house.


I would highly recommend Aviation Search Group to anybody that is looking to find uniquely qualified individuals to fill positions within the Aviation Industry.”



Client Review for Aviation Program Manager search assignments

[FROM EXECUTIVE VP] “I wanted to say thank you for providing your services for filling the role of Program Manager for our company. We came to you with a targeted need for a specific experience and skill set. Aviation Search Group provided a very good and directly qualified candidate that was hired and has performed well in meeting our objectives. This resolved an urgent need that we were unable to solve on our own.


You have been very aggressive and responsive when we have had a need like this in the past and for that we are grateful. It is a valuable resource for us to have access to Aviation Search Group’s experience which allows us to supplement our HR recruiting services when a need like this arises.


Thank you again. I appreciate our relationship and on working with you in the future.”


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