What Guarantee Can I Expect from an Aviation Recruiting Firm?

Guaranteeing a person will settle with a company can be a subject of apprehension for both the client and the recruiting firm; after all, a client is paying the recruiting firm to vet and recommend top talent. Aviation recruiting firms generally have a standard guarantee period, but must be protected against things they cannot control. That being said, clients must also be protected from a recruiting company that poorly performs the vetting process.

A recruiting engagement is a team sport, in that the client and the recruiting firm share in selecting candidates and share in the results of this selection.

Generally, if an employee resigns or is terminated for good cause within a certain amount of time from the date of hire, the recruiting firm will replace the candidate for the same position. In the rare event an employee leaves a position prematurely, expect and/or encourage a recruiting firm to conduct an exit interview with the candidate. This will help determine “why” and prevent it from happening again.

The best guarantee is choosing an aviation recruiting firm you are comfortable with!

  • Are they interested long-term? (ASG maintains clients and earns repeat business)
  • Are they confident in their ability? (ASG has been in business since 1999)
  • Do they evaluate their potential clients? (ASG does not conduct business with everyone)
  • Do they have experience in your industry? (ASG is dedicated to the aviation industry)
  • Do they have proven process? (ASG uses an industry-unique IQR Process)
  • Do they have references? (ASG has industry recommendations)
  • Do they have depth? (ASG has depth in personnel and structure)
  • Do they spend time with you and your organization? (ASG does)
  • Do you feel they have your company’s best interest in mind? (ASG does)


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