Aviation Recruiting Companies

There are many types of aviation recruiting companies available today. There are niche recruiting companies for just about every discipline. Understanding your staffing needs is the first step in determining what type of aviation recruiting firm you need.

When searching for direct-hire recruiting firms, companies turn to Aviation Search Group for their recruiting needs. Simply put, we are the best at finding the talent you need for your organization. For more than 20 years, we have successfully placed aviation professionals throughout the industry.


  • Are they interested long-term? (ASG maintains clients and earns repeat business)
  • Are they confident in their ability? (ASG has been in business since 1999)
  • Do they evaluate their potential clients? (ASG does not conduct business with everyone)
  • Do they have experience in your industry? (ASG is dedicated to the aviation industry)
  • Do they have a proven process? (ASG uses an industry-unique IQR Process)
  • Do they have references? (ASG has industry recommendations)
  • Do they have depth? (ASG has depth in personnel and structure)
  • Do they spend time with you and your organization? (ASG does)
  • Do you feel they have your company’s best interest in mind? (ASG does)

Choosing the right type of aviation recruiting firm is paramount to your success. Direct-hire recruiting companies and contract recruiting companies are considerably different in the type of services they offer and how they provide these services.

Questions to consider when selecting either a direct-hire firm or a contract recruiting company:

  1. Do we have effective recruiting resources internally?
  2. Do we need contract employees or full-time, direct-hire employees?
  3. What is the cost difference in using an aviation recruiting firm that provides temporary or contract employees versus a recruiting firm that offers direct-hire, full-time personnel?
  4. Are we looking for a long-term solution or a short-term solution?

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